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Fees and Charges: Basic Savings Account (BSA)/Basic 55 Savings Account (BSA55)

No. Type of Charges Amount
Monthly Transaction Threshold
- Basic Savings Account:
6 Over-The-Counter Visits*
8 ATM Cash Withdrawals
- Basic 55 Savings Account:
16 Over-The-Counter Visits*
Fee For Transaction Exceeding Threshold
RM1-00 per transaction
RM1-00 per transaction
RM1-00 per transaction
* Note: Per visit is defined as the day the customer visits the branch to perform at least one cash withdrawal transaction. For Bank's internal monitoring purposes, even if the customer performs multiple cash withdrawal transactions over-the-counter on an account per day, all said multiple transaction(s) will be considered as one (1) cash withdrawal for the day.
BankCard Annual Fee
Basic Savings Account (BSA)
Basic 55 Savings Account (BSA55)
No BankCard will be issued
IBG Transaction Fee
- over-the-counter
Monthly Transaction Threshold
Fee for Transaction Exceeding Threshold
- via internet banking and mobile banking
- Fund transfer via ATM
First 2 transaction per month - RM 0-50 each
RM2-00 per transaction

- RM0-10 per transaction
- RM0-30 per transaction
Dormant Account
Balances up to RM10-00
Balances of more than RM10-00
Close the account and absorb the balance as a charge
Charge an annual fee of RM10-00 until the fund is transferred to Unclaimed Monies.
Other Fees and Charges
Replacement of lost savings passbook
Replacement of ATM/PB BankCard
Closure of account within 3 months of account opening
Cash withdrawal at other MEPS member bank's ATM
RM20-00 (of which RM10-00 is for the stamp duty)
  Note: Service charges on other types of services not listed above will follow the bank standard charges rates, should customer opt to use the services.

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