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Public Bank (L) Ltd

Public Bank (L) Ltd, a licensed offshore bank, was established in 1990 under the Offshore Companies Act 1990. It is a pioneer offshore bank and commenced operations on 15 October 1990.

Office address:
Level 8(A) & (B), Main Office Tower,
Financial Park Labuan,
Jalan Merdeka,
87000 Federal Territory of Labuan,
Tel: + 6 087-411 898
Fax: + 6 087-413 220
Telex: MA 87012

Range of services offered includes:

  1. Acceptance of deposits (call and term) in all major currencies from Malaysian residents and non-residents.
  2. Granting of credit facilities in all major currencies of the world to both individuals and corporates.
  3. International banking services including foreign exchange trading (forward and spot), currency swaps and remittances.
  4. Securities services.


PB Trust (L) Ltd

PB Trust (L) Ltd is a licensed Labuan trust company registered under the Labuan Trust Companies Act 1990 and was incorporated under the Offshore Companies Act 1990 on 7 November 2003. It originally started operations back in October 1990 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Public Bank Berhad, one of Malaysia’s largest banking groups.

Registered Address:
Level 8(B), Main Office Tower,
Financial Park Labuan,
Jalan Merdeka,
87000 Federal Territory of Labuan,
Tel: + 6 087 411 898
Fax: + 6 087 451 193

Range of services offered includes:

  1. Formation of Companies
  2. Provision of Resident Secretaries and Registered Office
  3. Provision of Nominee Services
  4. Trust and Trustee Services
  5. Licence Application (banks, insurance, limited partnership, leasing)
  6. Application for Work Permits
  7. Opening of Bank Account
  8. Company Search



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